It's Time You Became a Seller on Teachers Pay Teachers!

That's right! Time for you to get organized, add to the professional community and start earning some profits.  The start will be slow, but with some build up and tips that I'm going to give you, you'll start progressing quickly!

Step 1: Create a Free Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers Account

* At this time you want to think of a catchy username.  That is how people will get to know you as a seller.  I came up with Busy Bugsy, because my dad and aunt used to call me Bugsy when I was young and I'm always busy!
* There is also a paid membership that is around $60- a month and will earn you more from each sale.  As a free account TPT keeps a percent of each of your sales, but with the paid membership that percentage is a lot smaller.  I recommend you set up your store and have 20 quality products listed before you upgrade your account.

Step 2: Connect  to Pay Pal or Dwolla

* You can you use either service to get paid quickly and electronically right to your bank account.  I use Dwolla because it has fewer fees.
* Connect these through your Dashboard on Teachers Pay Teachers

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