Now Let's Post Your First Teachers Pay Teachers Resource!

Now that you've created an account  on Teachers Pay Teachers, it's time for you to join the thousands of teachers who are posting.  Posting resources is more than about just earning some extra cash (although this is really nice!) it's about putting your good ideas out there for other teachers!  Your ideas are more unique than you think!

First, never compare what you are making to what other people are making.  You need to make and post things that fit your personal teaching style or personal passions.  You are creating a personal style and as you put out more products and gain more followers, people will like your products because of the brand you've created.

Step 1: Pick Your Resource

Pick the resource that you want to start with. Then do the following:
1. Go through it for errors.

2. Make sure it is set up for easy use and add things that would make it better.

3. Check that your fonts are easy to see and attractive.

4. Add some pictures, graphics or border to add to the look. (Power Point is the easiest program to use)

5. Add a directions page or slide, so other teachers know how the lesson works. Give them alternative ideas on how to use the resource and describe how to avoid any possible problems.

Step 2: Login and Post

1.  After you log on go to "My TPT" and then choose "Add a New Resources"

2. Give your resource a title that tells a lot of about it and is catchy. You want the title to tell about the main target audience of the resource and it's main topic.

3. Upload your file and create thumbnails.  Now, if the product you want to sell in multiple files you will want to do this in 2 steps.  For now upload the file that includes the most attractive pages to base your file previews off.  Then just leave the file in place for a few minutes. We will come back and change it after a few other steps.  Trust me, this will save you lots of time!

4. Write a good description.  Starting with a question can be a good starter.  Think about the need your product fills and directly ask your potential buyer if they need that.  Another idea is to just get into why you use the product and how you've seen it work out for you.  Include a description of what the buyer is getting, the format and how many of what is included.  For example, if there are 8 worksheets practicing grammar with answer keys and directions then list those.

5. Pick the subject areas and grade levels that your resource fits into.  Now, in this area you want to choose grade levels that are reasonable.  If you have something that fits 5th grade, then you could check 4th, 5th and 6th.  Pick subject areas that are a good fit.  I always choose all 3 that they let me.  Properly labeling your items will help you get buying followers.

6. Price your Teachers Pay Teachers product.  Generally if something is simple then the price is around $1 and the more time it would take for someone to make it the more you would charge.  I have somethings that took me along time to create but stop selling if I price them over $5.  Remember, most teachers are buying these resources from their own pocket, so remember to consider the means of your target audience.

7.  Pick your thumbnails based on the file you uploaded.  Pick a couple that make your product shine.

8.  BEFORE YOU SUBMIT go back up to your description and copy it.  When I was getting started uploading my first files took me a long time, so I would click submit and the site would time out!  Then I would have to start over again!  Copying your description will save you a lot of frustration in case this happens to you!  NOW SUBMIT.

9. REMEMBER how I told you we would come back to the file if you had multiple files included in your product?  Here we are, if your file includes more than 1 file then you'll have to put the files into 1 file folder and right click them.  Then choose "send to a compressed zip file." You can upload zip folders, but not multiple files.  Most teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers will use zip files. Now choose to "edit product" and browse for you zip file.  Upload the zip file in place of your former file.  Now, go and submit your product again.  The thumbnails should be listed as "I already have the thumbnails I want." This will keep your earlier thumbnails from your original file in place.  This saves you the effort of needing to go through and generate a bunch of picture files and upload them.

Congratulations!  You have just posted your first resource on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Welcome to the global market place!  Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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