When I started Selling on TPT

I honestly started out as a buyer on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).  I have about 10 years experience and can plan fairly quickly, but a new job and a 3rd child happened in my life nearly at the same time!  Time management became a major concern.

As things settled down I decided to list a few things myself and open my own store.  I started out with 1 simple upload of a not to fancy worksheet.  I wanted to learn the ropes and see how hard it would be to be a TPT store owner.

It wasn't hard at all!

The whole process only took about 3 minutes.  Shortly after this first product post, I posted a few other items. The sales didn't roll in that was for sure. In fact, I would say it was a good month before I received an email saying that I had sold something!  But when I got that email, man was I stoked!  Another teacher had seen and bought my item!  It was a type of professional excitement and motivation that I needed to fire up my career again.

In future posts I'll start sharing things I do and what I've learned about creating products, posting, driving sales and using tricks to help you cross sell! Thanks for reading!

Step 1:  Open a Free Sellers Account

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